Jul 042013

This will be a short one, because nobody wants to read about video games on the 4th of goddamned July, but this just popped up in my Twitter feed (Please follow me on Twitter, I’m ever so lonely.) Games Radar just posted an article that basically said “hey, you know that Pokemon game that Nintendo [...]

Mar 042013

Note from the Legal Department: Possibly not a weekly feature in your area, write your congressperson and tell them to vote “YES!” on proposition 9666-A, a little known bill that will allow everyone free access to Happy Apathy forever, or until we decide to hide everything behind a paywall after we make it big.

Sep 072012

I just wrote like, 1200 words about Whether or not classic games should be reviewed against their contemporaries, or against the modern games that came later. I think there might be something seriously wrong with me.

Jul 022012

There are a lot of terrible games made for little girls, because apparently publishers think they won’t know any better. Well I know better, and for whatever stupid reason I’m making it my mission that now you will too. You have my word, nay, my pledge, nay, my oath as a card carrying Man of Action™ that I won’t rest until these games get better, or I get bored and find something else to get mad about.

Jun 172012

In a shocking display of brevity, jonny actually uses less words to make fun of some dude’s shitty article about what female game characters he wants to bang than the combined total of words used in the ads on that dude’s page. Is brevity truly the soul of wit? Christ, I dunno. So we’re not here all day, I’m just going to guess “no.”