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Oct 262013
 From time to time, the value of the "miners" reward is also reduced. When the currency was created in 2009, anyone with the software could "mine" as long as they were willing to leave the computer on for days and nights.

With the increase in the number of interested, the task of making bitcoins was only with those who had super machines. The dispute has increased so much that computers have come up with dedicated hardware such as Avalon ASIC.

In addition to mining, it is possible to own bitcoins by buying units at specific brokerage firms or by accepting the cryptmoeda when selling things.

The virtual coins are stored in a kind of wallet, created when the user registers in the software.
Sep 192013

After registering, the person receives a code with letters and numbers, called "address", used in the transactions. When she wants to buy a game, for example, she must provide the seller with such an address. Buyer and seller identities are kept anonymous, but the transaction is publicly registered in the system. The purchase can not be undone.

With bitcoins, it is possible to hire services or acquire things worldwide. The number of companies that accept it is still small, but several countries, such as Russia, are moving to "regulate" the currency.

On the other hand, countries like China close the siege of the crypto-coins, ordering the closing of several exchange platforms and prohibiting the practice known as ICO (initial coin offerings), a type of IPO, but made with crypto-coins (understand best).

In the United States, regulation of digital coins is still debated.

In December of last year, currency futures contracts began to be traded. In this type of contact, the investor undertakes to buy or sell an asset for a certain amount at a future date, in order to protect itself from price fluctuations or even to speculate. The negotiations are done on specific exchanges.

Sep 022013
 The value of bitcoin follows the rules of the market, that is, the higher the demand, the higher the price. Historically, virtual currency has high volatility. In 2014, it suffered a strong devaluation, but resumed its popularity in the following years.

Last year, interest in bitcoin exploded and currency became one of the most commented investments on the planet. In 2017, the digital currency appreciated 1400% and reached the highest price in history: $ 19,300.

Currency enthusiasts say the bullish move should continue with the interest of new fans and greater acceptance. Critics claim that the coin lives a bubble - similar to the 17th Century Tulip Bubble - which at some point must burst.


Aug 252013

With the rise of e-commerce, there is a major shift in the relationship between buyers and sellers. If we take as an example a payment with a ticket, it ceases to be fast, since in addition to the buyer having to make that go to the bank to make the payment, the seller will only receive the money a few days later. This payment also has a higher cost, since in addition to the cost of the ticket, the seller needs to have a bank account and the buyer sometimes has to travel to pay for it. Finally, there is always the bank intermediating the transaction, and sometimes other companies like Paypal, for example.

Understanding Bitcoin is simple. It is a digital technology that allows to reproduce in electronic payments the efficiency of the payment with notes described above. Payments with bitcoins are fast, cheap and without intermediaries. In addition, they can be made for anyone who is anywhere on the planet with no minimum or maximum value limit.

Jul 042013

The need for these "ritual ballots" had already been discussed since the very creation of e-commerce and materialized with Bitcoin, created in 2009, by an anonymous one.

Technology has been gaining many supporters worldwide. Recently Bill Gates in an interview with TV channel Bloomberg said that "Bitcoin is exciting because it is cheap."

Today it is possible to donate in bitcoins to global institutions such as Greenpeace or Wikipedia, or buy airline tickets on Expedia, or check in for an apartment at Tecnica, all using bitcoins.

We believe it to be the most relevant technology being produced on the internet today. And it's just the beginning.

Jun 162013


One of the fastest-growing investments and the greatest potential for controversy in 2017 is a virtual currency whose existence is not even physical - Bitcoin, as it is called, exists exclusively online. And your transactions are done through the internet, in a coded environment, which ensures data security.

His value skyrocketed in the second half of this year. In the midst of sharp swings between November and December, each currency came to be worth more than U $ 18 thousand (R $ 59 thousand) - a considerable increase, since the exchange in early 2017 was from 1 bitcoin to U $ 1 thousand.

Apr 212013
 But what, after all, is Bitcoin and what is behind the worldwide uproar around currency?
What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is basically a digital file that exists online and functions as an alternative currency. In this, it differs a lot from conventional currencies such as the US dollar.
Mar 212013
 It is not printed by traditional governments or banks, but created by a complex computational process known as "mining."

All currencies and all transactions made with them are recorded on the internet network - in a space known as "blockchain," a kind of decentralized database that uses encryption to record transactions.

In this way, files can not be copied or spoofed, and transactions can not be traced.

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There are about 16.5 million bitcoins in circulation, and about 3,600 new ones are created every day.